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Module 4: Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

This Module will continue to build up from Infrastructure to the Self-Service or CI/CD goal. We will be building on the code that was utilized in the previous modules and labs, though now we’ll use Jenkins to provide a CI/CD mechanism. This lab will also use Slack to notify users of changes going on in real time.

Tools we will be using:

  • f5-newman-wrapper & previous workflows
    • The previous 5 wrapper workflows files will be executed, but from a Jenkins Pipeline
  • super-netops-container
    • Continuing delivery of F5 configuration from a self contained toolkit
    • This version or variant of the container has Jenkins installed for you, this is depicted from tag associated to the Docker Image f5devcentral/f5-super-netops-container:develop-jenkins
  • Slack
    • There has been a Slack channel already setup on your behalf, which we will all be monitoring for environment changes
  • Jenkins
    • Jenkins is installed on the super-netops-container access via (Web) user credentials are admin/default

From the previous labs you should already have your Super-NetOps-Container already running, if it’s not please refer to Class 2 Module 2 on starting your service.