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Module 3: Stitching Workflows from Class 1 into new Orchestratable Collections

In the previous module we saw the example of stitching together the authentication folder and some facts gathering. We will now start to stitch together the Postman Collection from Class 1 and the Authentication Collection from Module 2. Once we validate the new file we’ll use f5-newman-wrapper to execute.

In order to assist users with automating the F5 BIG-IP platform we have developed a Collection of calls that can be used with the Postman REST Client ( The purpose of the tools are:

  • f5-postman-workflows
    • Provide re-usable JavaScript functions that ease testing of API responses and populating environment variables
    • Implement a delay-based polling mechanism
  • F5_Automation_Orchestration_Intro (Class 1)
    • F5’s training collection for Onboarding BIG-IP
    • F5’s training collection for Operating BIG-IP

Stitching together the collections and workflows allows Super-NetOps engineers the ability to start quickly Orchestrating calls to run Automation workflows.

Using this structure also allow you to build your own solutions, to manage BIG-IP quickly as native REST calls are used.

From the previous labs you should already have your Super-NetOps-Container already running, if it’s not please refer to Class 2 Module 2 on starting your service.